Palacio Municipal Catedral de La Plata Teatro Argentino
Municipal Palace
One of the most beautiful buildings in La Plata, is the one that belongs to the Municipality. Separated from the Cathedral by Moreno square, occupies the block bounded by 51st and 53rd avenues and streets 11 and 12.
The Cathedral
The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is the largest Neo-Gothic Church of South America, which began to be built in 1884 and opened in 1932, coinciding with the fiftieth anniversary of the city, although it wasn´t until 1999 that the works were completed with the completion of it last two towers.
Argentinean Theater
This fantastic cultural complex of brutalist style of architecture, headquarters of the Opera and Ballet, it is part of the antique monumental axis and has a prose theatre, exhibition halls, concert halls and a lyric hall with three levels of boxes with the capacity for 2200 spectators.
Legislatura Casa de Gobierno Provincial Centro Cultural Pasaje Dardo Rocha
The Legislature
The legislature is located in front of the San Martin Square, occupies the block bounded by 51st and 53rd avenues and streets 7 and 8.
Government House
The Belgian Julio Doral was the author of the draft of the Government House, located on the other side of San Martín Square, in front of the Legislature.
Pasaje Dardo Rocha Cultural Center
Located on the heart of the city, was originally the “station 19th of November” the first western railroad of La Plata.
Teatro Coliseo Podestá Museo de La Plata Observatorio Astronómico
Coliseo Podestá Theater
In 1920 the Politeama Olimpo was renamed Coliseo Podestá. The theater responds the typology of an Italian theatre with a horseshoe-shaped room, typical of the 19th century.
Museum of Natural Sciences
Founded in 1888, with a neoclassical style and a pre- Columbian ornamentation, has more than 3 million objects in its collection, highlighting the great mammals fossils of the Tertiary and Quaternary period and archaeological and ethnographic collections.
Astronomical Observatory
The Astronomical Observatory of La Plata was one of the first inhabitants of “Paseo del Bosque” and its creation was due to a law approved in October 1882.
Hipódromo de La Plata Casa Curutchet Jardín Zoológico
Horse Racing Track
The history of the Horse racing track of the city begins to be written the December 11, 1882, when the Governor Dardo Rocha signed a decree which established a commission under the chairmanship of Santiago Luro, with the aim of carrying out the constructionof a circus career.
Curutchet House
This is a significant work of modern architecture which provides essential inputs in the teaching of the design of any architectural ideology.
Founded in 1907 with the Victorian style, has one of the most complete collections of plants and native animals of the country.
República de los Niños Estadio Ciudad de La Plata Circuito Cultural Meridiano V
Children’s Republic
This popular educational theme park of 53 hectares has all its buildings constructed at the level of children: castles, palaces, public buildings, farm, lake and there´s a train that takes you the around the park.
Ciudad de La Plata Soccer Stadium
Ciudad de La Plata Soccer Stadium is one of the most beautiful stadiums of Argentina. It has modern facilities to carry out sports and cultural events of international hierarchy.
Cultural Neighborhood Meridiano V
Neighbors rescued the premises of the Provincial Station of 17th and 71st streets and around, turning the area into an attraction that has its roots in cultural activities while maintaining intact its pavements, low houses and antique lampposts.

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